Hi. I’m Lief.

Im a traveling film maker, photographer, and DJ living in Santa Fe, NM. I enjoy the clean mountain air, but I also love the ocean and visit when I can.

I’m part of an amazing team that offers stills+film for weddings and studio work.

It’s true: perfect doesn’t exist. There is only a search for and captivation of moments. The artistry in photography is finding those moments that mean so much.

What makes wedding photography so magical are the emotions within each image. Your joy, framed. And that’s the part that’s always just right.

Editing is a beautifully creative component of photography. Everything I capture becomes personal to me. Every picture becomes a painting. Rather than using presets, I take in what inspired me when I was there with it. It’s about you, your feelings, your celebration, your style.

Each series gets a boutique edit. If you have an eye for what you like, I’m happy to take requests and give a few options for a mood you prefer.

In so many ways, weddings found me. I started out shoot outdoor dances that I would DJ. Getting commissions and growing in my skill and artistry, until I was invited to shoot my first wedding. I had so much fun.

I just simply enjoying celebration–it’s the essence of being alive. And there really is no kind of celebration more joyous, more inclusive, more authentic, than celebrating people falling in love.

Uniting that with my art has been incredibly rewarding.

It brings me joy to be a part of your special day because it’s just that – it’s yours. Each couple brings a unique type of love to their event. Being able to witness your wedding vision – and being on site as your guests witness it too – gives me life.
I am so inspired from seeing other people so carefree and in love. Whatever a couple brings to the table is a gift, and I always feel honored to be a part.

Together, we have so much fun capturing your moments. Honestly, working together kinda feels like a date. We dress up, we smile and laugh, make new friends, it’s as much fun for us as it is for you. In fact, we actually met at a wedding!

And we make such a natural team. Our skills and personalities complement us as coworking artists so well. Lief loves capturing candids, and Esther enjoys bring out your best smiles in poses.

We are both looking forward connecting with you and helping make your special day so completely magical~

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